Home Is Where The Wedding Is

July 26, 2021 by Rustomjee
Home Is Where The Wedding Is
July 26, 2021 by Rustomjee

The wide and rapid spread of coronavirus is severely impacting our daily lives. Not just that, with the uncertainty around when this ends, “home weddings” are becoming a much-accepted norm. Here are just a few important tips you need to know as you prep for the big day at home.

  • Design Your Mandap Your Way-

    The mandap holds the most sacred and revered position in an Indian wedding- making it an important part of your wedding planning. Customize it to your wedding theme- if you’re going traditional perhaps locally sourcing the flowers, typically Genda Phool from your local flower vendors can add a vibrant touch to your mandap. Layering that with elaborate drapes and tapestry matching the color scheme of your wedding can make the mandap stand out as it is where your rituals will take place. Transforming your living space into an elaborate mandap and adding those wedding decorations at home can be done just using your inner creative self and a little help from your local vendors! Home weddings have never been so easy. Placing the mandap in the central part of your living room is important as your guests can surround the mandap and can take part in the important rituals of the wedding.

  • Choosing The Perfect Colour Combo For Your Wedding-

    If you’re aiming for simple wedding decorations at home, then opting for the correct color combination becomes the highlight of your wedding theme. The key is minimalism as your wedding is taking place at your home-it should project warmth and familiarity. Using sober tones of copper and brass with a pop of a Benarasi fabric in the middle creates a perfect marriage between elegance and minimalism. Making the food table, an elaborate centerpiece of your wedding is suggested as the guests convene there to celebrate the wedding. Sourcing the food from local caterers can be arranged, or if you live in one of the luxury apartments in Mumbai, like Rustomjee Crown, you can access premium and intimate wedding venues from the comfort of your home!

  • Light Up Your Wedding-

    To make your home feel like a wedding house, lighting becomes a crucial part of wedding planning. Metal and glass lamps, simple fairy, and string lights can give an iridescent glow to the wedding atmosphere. Avoiding candles is suggested as it might become a safety concern in constrained spaces.

  • Celebrate Your Wedded Bliss (but virtually!)-

    Due to the pandemic, our loved ones might not be there physically to share your joy at that moment, but with the help of technology you can feel close to them on the most important day of your life. Livestreaming your wedding is a great option to connect with all your loved ones through the internet. Multiple cameras may be set up to provide a holistic view of the wedding so your loved ones can have a feel of what they are missing out on! Ensure that on the day of the wedding, that your internet is strong and stable and the cameras are functioning properly.

  • Planning A Sustainable Wedding-

    If you’re opting for a zero-waste wedding, consider plant-based decoration for your big day. Using hand-painted leaves as wedding invitations, or using earthen lamps for lighting, the possibilities for your dream eco-friendly wedding are endless. Considering rangoli with eco-friendly colors, making plants the center stage as decorations for your wedding, using wildflowers for your bouquet- planning a wedding so elegant and so kind to the planet has never been this simple!

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